What Sarah Bowles Learned By Working With OnlineStir

Check out the Before & After images for Sarah’s websites. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

One of the first things we do when a new client comes to us is get an understanding of what is going on with their current website. Very early in the process, it became clear to us that Sarah’s website www.cohomesdenver.com wasn’t working very well for her. In fact the way her website was set up was actually discouraging search engines like Google from ranking her in their search results.

This was due to the way her website hosting service was configured. Instead of using her domain name alone, they appended a query string with her account ID to the end of her domain: http://cohomesdenver.com/Home/?ID=40020.

The search engines hate query strings like this and, even more concerning, if you change the account ID on the end from 40020 to 40019 it takes you to a completely different agent’s website! And that agent’s site looked almost just like Sarah’s, including nearly all the same content!

Unfortunately this kind of thing is all too common. Most specialized website providers create template based websites that are all virtually identical, which search engines consider duplicate content and de-rank from search results.

Luckily for Sarah, she now has a website that is working for her, helping her to get new clients and get more sales for her properties.

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