Mobile-friendly or else!

March 27, 2015
Denver, CO

This week, I wanted to take a moment to recognize two of our clients and the amazing work they do.

But first, an important notice… Starting on April 21st, Google will stop showing non-mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results. If your site isn’t responsive to different screen sizes, you’ll only appear on desktop search results, which now accounts for only 60% of search traffic. That means you’ll miss out on 40% of search traffic.

You can test your website using Google’s tester here: If you’re site is mobile-friendly, you see this message:


Without further ado, here are this week’s featured clients:



Charlie is very passionate about helping people “Go Solar” so we helped him out by creating a landing page to promote his solar panel installation company. Going solar not only increases your home value and saves you money on your energy bill, you’ll also be doing your part to save the environment. Check out for information and see if your home qualifies for going solar.



Tim wanted a professional, masculine website that reflected his commitment to expert assistance, integrity and dedication. Whether you’re buying or selling your home, or looking to invest in real estate, you can count on Tim to deliver the service. Check out his website at

To view our entire portfolio, visit

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  1. Tish
    Tish says:

    Wow! I love to see the difference in design, deliberately created to not only match client expectations but provide a strong & clear message to the visitor. Great work, and I can’t wait to see what else OnlineStir comes up with!

  2. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    I’m still being asked to share this information! Last week we were talking with a Lady who just had a website designed and it wasn’t mobile friendly. What a shame!


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