Joanne wanted a website that reflected her commitment to professionalism and dedication to excellence. We designed her site to not only convey the value of her Profit First method of bookkeeping, but also how simple she makes the process for her clients. You’ll notice the clean, simple and distraction-free layout and flow of her website that helped us accomplish her goals. You’ll also notice a very clear call-to-action that you should check out if you need a new bookkeeper and Virtual CFO: LLJGroup.com.






Client Testimonial

“The website that OnlineStir created for my business is very clean and reflects my business well. The website I had before was dark and had content that did not flow well with viewers. Now with my new and improved site, people have complimented me and I’m starting to get more visitors = leads, than before. Not only will they create a high preforming website but advise you along the way with what works and what aspects to disregard to attract the most leads. I highly recommend OnlineStir. Thanks OnlineStir for my fabulous website.”

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