We helped Kathy at Janak Jewelry create a compelling lead magnet and an opt-in for her website to help promote her beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry. Her website was already very good, so all we did was improve her conversion rate with a well placed and designed call-to-action (CTA). Check out her beautiful hand-crafted jewelry at JanakJewelry.com.





Landing Page

Kathy hand-crafts the most amazing meteorite cufflinks that are literally out of this world! We designed a landing page specifically to sell her cufflinks and you can learn more about them here: JanakJewelry.com/meteorite-cufflinks/.


Client Testimonial

“I love working with JP and his team at OnlineStir – they are knowledgeable, professional, and diligent. They’re able to key-in on the important aspects of my business and then translate that information into my website in a seamless fashion. The programming process to kick-start the project was especially useful and they really took care to learn about my business, what I do, and why I do it – and this quality in JP and his team are invaluable! I highly recommend OnlineStir!”

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