It’s a TRAP!

September 19, 2014
Denver, CO

Remember me talking about PromoteWare? The first company I founded that actually generated revenue?

In case you don’t remember, PromoteWare was a web development platform that I built 13 years ago. It was the same concept as WordPress with modules (or plugins) that could be snapped together to build a website very quickly.

The main difference between PromoteWare and WordPress was that I was the only developer IN THE ENTIRE WORLD who knew how to use it!

Great for me… Terrible for my clients…

Today, I wouldn’t recommend PromoteWare, or any proprietary software system, to anyone! It’s a TRAP, to quote Admiral Ackbar.

Unfortunately, this happens A LOT in the web dev biz. Web design firms create their own custom software and use it to trap their unsuspecting clients.

It’s a trap for one main reason: that design firm is the only one who can make changes to your site. If they decide to raise their rates or if they go completely out of business, you’re up a creek without a paddle, to quote my mom.

That’s why we recommend WordPress to our clients, and to anyone building a website. If you don’t get along with your designer, you can simply take your website to another designer. There are tens of thousands of WordPress designers around the world who will be happy to help you.

About 19% of the web runs on WordPress, and that number is growing. That means it’s much easier to find affordable talent to work on your site if you want to divorce your web designer.

There are other platforms such as Drupal, Joomla!, Ruby on Rails, Weebly, Wix, SquareSpace, and the list goes on. These platforms are all good for certain applications, but they’re not nearly as ubiquitous as WordPress and some aren’t nearly as customizable, either.

Bottom line is: Ask your web designer what platform they use to build websites BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. If they use a system they built themselves, walk away…quickly.

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