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October 02, 2015
Denver, CO

This was an exciting week for Denver’s entrepreneurs. The 4th annual Denver Startup Week set a record with over 10,000 registrations! That just reinforces the fact that Denver, and the entire Front Range, has a thriving startup community!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, there’s still time (assuming you’re reading this when you receive it). Go to to see the lineup for the last day of the startup frenzy.

Yesterday, I attended a fantastic presentation put on by one of Denver’s premier SEO companies, Volume 9 SEO.

I recently had the chance to sit down with the President of V9, and let me tell you, they know what they’re doing and they’re committed to doing SEO the right way.

During yesterday’s presentation, the V9 team shared some of their secret sauce for not only improving your SEO ranking, but also for building a website that gets more people to it, keeps them there longer, and generates more leads for your business.

I was amazed at how much they talked about website design, especially since they don’t do website design.

Like many web design, online marketing, social media and SEO companies, they started out doing everything under the sun.

But over time, they realized their true strength and passion lied in SEO so they dropped all their other services and focused on that.

We made the same decision several months ago, only our strength is website design so we dropped our online marketing, social media and SEO services.

This approach has two main benefits. First, this level of focus allows us to become the experts at our niche and provide our services better than anyone else.

And second, it allows us to focus the content of our website on the limited services we provide, which Google really likes and they reward us with higher rankings.

With this level of focus, Volume 9 was able to achieve top ranking on several SEO keywords, and that’s nearly impossible! With thousands of SEO companies nationwide and hundreds in Colorado, all experts at SEO and all fighting for the first page of Google, it says a WHOLE lot about the companies who actually get there!

I’ve been in this business a long time…over 20 years, but I still learned a few things at yesterday’s presentation. In fact, it’s going to change what we post on our website, and what we’ve already posted on our website.

Since we don’t offer SEO, PPC or social media services anymore, we’re going to move those posts from OnlineStir back to where they belong.

Going forward, everything we post to the OnlineStir blog will be about website design, since that’s all we do and we’re the experts at it.

My newsletter will also change. Instead of weekly, I’m going to send my entrepreneurial-type newsletters monthly while we’re building OnlineStir. And those will be posted to and my social channels.

Then, we’re going to create a new list for website design topics and invite you to opt-in to it (since some of you may not care about these topics). This newsletter will be sent weekly and posted to the OnlineStir blog, as well as our OnlineStir social media channels.

We owe a big thanks to Volume 9 and their talented team of experts for helping us gain more focus, not only on our website, but also in our business.

I’m anxious and exited to see where this new level of focus takes us, and hopefully you’ll be able to apply some of the tough lessons we’ve learned to bring more focus to your website and business.

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