Pastor Tate hired us to build a landing page and an upsell page for his coffee business. His old homepage went to a product catalog without any clear call-to-action (CTA). Now, his visitors can request a free sample of his delicious coffee before they have to pull out their wallets. Order your free sample at

The goal of the Upsell Page is to invite people who are interested in earning some extra income to a Coffee Jazz Mixer at Rod Smith International or to a conference call where they can learn more. Having attended one of these events as part of our client research, we can confidently say you’ll leave the event energized and motivated. Plus, you’ll get to sample some free coffee, too! We achieved a 27% conversion rate on this page, which is very high considering it’s a double-opt-in form and the phone number is required. The traffic came from a highly targeted ad campaign that we created and managed. Checkout Pastor Tate’s business opportunity here:

Landing Page


Upsell Page


Client Testimonial

“I am extremely grateful for the very professional service I’ve received from JP and his knowledgeable staff. OnlineStir has provided me with tools to assist me in achieving success in a very challenging industry. Using OnlineStir for my online development needs is the best business decision I’ve made.”

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